Written Testimonials

Patricia MacCabe. D.V.M

Canadensis Veterinary Clinic Inc.

2560 Route 390 Canadensis PA 18325


" Thank you  Hana, for your gentle and persistent LED treatments of the German Shepherd dog I was treating. The wound was deep and long standing and your LED light therapy sessions really caused a dramatic increase in the speed of heating. You were so patient and gentle with this dog and I was amazed that she actually did fall asleep during many of the sessions. Her wound is 100% healed, no infection and no wound left. THANK YOU!"

Annie McCormik



" After having surgery to have a plate inserted into my forearm, due to a broken bone, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't use that hand or arm for weeks. I then had light therapy performed on the area of the surgery for about thirty minutes for three sessions, about five days apart. A few hours after each session, my hand, which was previously cold, became very warm. Feeling like there was more circulation. The following days I experienced little pain, if any and I was able to start doing things again with my hand and arm."

Mark Kasper


"The start of the knee injury happened about September of 2017, from playing basketball. The right medial side was injured somehow and was in pain. Light Therapy provided by Hana Haig at Lynn's Healing Zone started on October 4th wi th 6 treatments lasting approximately 45 minutes. I recommend Hana's Light Therapy for this type of injury. 90% of the pain is gone."