Testimonial - Elaine Santiago

I went to see Hana, upon a recommendation from Dr. Lynn Wright from "Lynn's Healing Zone in Hawley,PA, to give a try to Light Therapy. While I am a Western Medicine type practitioner (pharmacist) I am also open to other modalities as I grew up when the pharmacist was still "doc" to the neighborhood and offered simple, natural remedies instead of a pill bottle. My feet were absolutely killing me from chronic plantar fascitis. I couldn't even hop down from my SUV on both feet, I had to land on my right foot and place my left down after. I went to see Hana for a number of sessions and my feet started to feel better and better. I can even do things like jump down from the SUV and jump rope! As this was the only new thing I was doing, I have to give credit to the light and to Hana for knowing what to do to help. Thanks for your help Hana you changed my life!

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