Testimonial - Jon Steele

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you all a wonderful testimonial I received from one of my most recent clients. I'm always thrilled to get feedback from the journeys that they go through during the treatment process. It's happy people like these that make me truly love the work I do.

Light Therapy /Testimonial, Jon Steele, RN Having incredible knee ligament pain due to a fall, there were few options to make the pain go away, let alone to be able to walk again. Treating this with holistic care could require a year of therapy according to orthopedic surgeon I worked for. Avoiding surgery would also require a slow and painful recovery. Yet the thought of simply shinning a light on the affected area and the pain would go away and the problem would improve, well, seemed a bit fantastic. Yet, there is considerable research on the Light that Hana uses and its effectiveness. Please note it was more than just shining a light on my leg. The time under the lights involved changes in the intensity and configuration of the lights. Although walking caused considerable pain and the need of a cane, the next day, I was able to walk without assistance and the follow-up treatments had my mobility fully restored inside of 12 weeks and not the year the doctor had said. The treatment was not only painless, there were no pills, no side effects and no medications required. It felt like a sci-fi movie future treatment instead of a reality now. This resulted in 80 to 90 percent of the pain gone in 24 hours. The out of pocket cost was below our deductible for the 12 treatments. Even so, I did not miss any work due to the injury. While I could not run, the ability to walk normally returned inside of 12 weeks. As an orthopedic nurse, having seen knee surgeries go bad has made me aware of the risk involved. Once surgery is done, there is no going back. Thus, I would highly recommend consider this as an option before surgery. Before using Hana’s services, I was limited to using the healthcare system along with its flaws and challenges. After using Light Therapy, I am not only a believer, I want everyone to know it is the safest, healthiest and most effective pain free way to deal with pain according to the research as well as my personal experience. My experience working with Hana was truly incredible, perhaps even unbelievable, except that I personally felt the results and experienced the improvement. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She is that good.

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