The Benefits of Light Therapy


  • Promotes Cell Regeneration - important for Anti-Aging

  • Stimulates Tissue Granulation and Connective Tissue Projections (the healing process of wounds, ulcers or inflamed tissues)

  • Stress reduction, relaxes Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Stimulates Acetylcholine Release from Certain Nerves

  • Reduces the Excitability of Nervous Tissue

  • Helps Reduce & Alleviate Pain and Inflammation the Blood

  • Increases Lymphatic System Activity

  • Increases Circulation of the Blood & Lymphatics

  • Releases Nitric Oxide which dilates the vascular system, improves the immune system, energy and circulation.

  • Stimulates Collagen production and increases elasticity of skin

  • Induces a warm Thermal-like Effect in The Tissue

  • Increases Phagocytes, the process of Scavenging and Ingesting Dead or Degenerated Cells

  • Improves Gastro-Intestinal Peristalsis and Elimination

  • Stimulates Fibroblastic Activity that Aids in Repair Process

  • Activates Parasymphathic Effect of Heart Vasodilatation

Therapeutic Benefits of Light Therapy