About the Therapist

Hana Haig

Hana Haig graduated from Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) with a Masters Degree in Education and has a voracious appetite for knowledge, especially in the health field.


After coming to the U.S and after her first child was born, she became very interested in health and nutrition. Hana developed an insatiable appetite for accurate health information and education that lead her to become a nutritional advisor and health consultant for NutraMetrix.  Through her extensive studies and consultations with prominent leading physicians in both conventional and complementary medicine, Hana shared her knowledge and championed health awareness through seminars and educational events.


More than eight years ago, Hana expanded her interest in state-of-the-art treatments through her husband’s influence as a scientist and inventor.  His experiences with NASA brought to Hana’s attention a highly successful, thoroughly researched, and scientifically proven modality - Light Therapy.    

Hana has worked as a Light Therapist for more than five years in the Pocono Region at the following locations; Pathways to Inner Healing in Moscow, PA, Massage Works in Moscow, PA, Inner Peace in Plains, PA and Lynn's Healing Zone in Hawley, PA. She is currently working as a Light Therapist at The Lodge at Woodloch.  Throughout this journey, Hana has documented various treatment outcomes with photos, observational notes, and has many testimonials that speak to the effectiveness of Light Therapy as a "medicine of the future".